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Southwest Truck Rigging and Equipment

Creating innovative technologies for aggressive environments

For over 30 years, Southwest Truck Rigging and Equipment (SWTR) has been a high quality leader in the truck equipment industry. Headquartered in Houston, TX but serving customers all over the world—SWTR designs, services and manufacturers a complete fleet of high performing vehicles and machinery, from heavy duty oilfield equipment to skeleton rig tractors, flat beds and utility bodies.

Designing equipment that lives and operates in some of the harshest and most hazardous environments, SWTR understands they need powerful surface protection to ensure the life of their vehicles. For over a decade, they’ve been utilizing the strong exterior durability and corrosion resistant performance of SPECTRACRON® 360 Ext. Grade Urethane Enamel.
“Most of our equipment is destined for the oil fields,” explained Brent Blake, Vice President of Southwest Truck Rigging and Equipment. “The Spectracron 360 gives us the strong adhesion and protection we need on equipment that is constantly exposed to the abusive elements of the sun and the harsh, corrosive nature of some fracking chemicals."
The local PPG TRUEFINISH® team partners with SWTR by not only supplying the materials and protection they need, but providing detailed training and best practices that have improved the quality of their finish and increased applied cost efficiencies.
Blake continued, “PPG brought in their technical expert who trained our team on how to best clean our machinery and apply the paint. Since we switched to their application recommendations, we’ve had zero problems and our customers have been extremely satisfied.”  
Manufacturing and supplying quality paint can win you some business, but educating, training and servicing customers is how PPG creates partnerships like with Southwest Truck Rigging and Equipment that last for over a decade.

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email. We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.