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SPECTRACRON® 111 Series: Fast Dry Non-Lift Primer

Formulated to offer you flexibility, this rust-inhibitive primer is not only compatible with a wide range of topcoats, but is now available in custom colors to increase color consistency.

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Spectracron 128 Series: Industrial Shop Primers

Designed for those appplicators seeking a fast dry time and strong protection over steel substrates, these shop primers meet stringent environmental regulations while delivering rust-inhibitive protection in corrosive environments.

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Spectracron 135 Series: 3.5 VOC Non-Lift Primer

Available in custom colors and compatible with a wide range of topcoats, this high solids primer delivers excellent corrosion resistance and strong adhesion while still delivering a quick dry time.


Spectracron 501 Series: Single Component Epoxy Primer

This single component epoxy primer creates improved corrosion and chemical resistance over standard alkyd systems.

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Spectracron 531-532 Series: High Build Epoxy Primer

With a 1:1 mix ratio, this high build primer combines easy application capabilities with tough and durable first layer epoxy protection.

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Spectracron 560 Series: Wet-on-Wet Epoxy Primer

With wet-on-wet capabilities, this two-component epoxy primer offers strong adhesion over a variety of substrates while presenting excellent corrosion and impact resistance.

Spectracron 573 Series: Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer

Combining the chemical and corrosion resistant properties of epoxy technology with unique sag resistance, this two-component epoxy is ideal for filling properties and creating a high film build.

Spectracron 591 Series: Epoxy Primer

Spectracron 591 is designed for operations that need wet-on-on characteristics but require a more surface tolerant and flexible coating than traditional epoxy primers.



Spectracron 315 Series: High Build Primer Surfacer

With excellent sanding properties, Spectracron 315 can fill scratches and imperfections creating a smooth surface protected by urethane technology.
Spectracron 385 Photo

Spectracron 385 Series: POLY-IOTHANE HS Polyurethane Primer

A two-component, polyurethane primer formulated to provide outstanding durability in severe and corrosive environments.

Spectracron W43181A Series: High Solids Urethane Primer

A two-component, high solids, urethane primer designed to produce powerful performance while allowing wet-on-wet applications when paired with one of our Spectracron two-component urethane topcoats.

Wash Primers

Spectracron 701/702 Series: Solvent-Borne Wash Primer

This acid etch wash primer is designed to improve adhesion over a wide variety of substrates, including aluminum and galvanized metals.

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