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Maintenance Products

Our pretreatment offering also includes these chemicals designed to battle soil, rust and carbon residue found on your line.


A mild Buffering material formulated for use in conjunction
with iron phosphate, zinc phosphate and chromic acid rinse
Technical Data Sheet

Foam Depressor 304CK

A superior general purpose defoamer suitable for use on
alkaline spray wash cleaning stages prior to phosphating.
It is unique in that it does not interfere with the phosphating
process and is therefore particularly useful for depressing
foam created from the use of water based pre-wipe materials
and the new liquid pre-phosphate cleaners.
Technical Data Sheet

Ovenkleen 37

A concentrated alkaline oven cleaner and degreaser
extremely useful for dissolving carbon and baked on E-Coat
paint residue. Ovenkleen 37 is specially formulated to be
non-aggressive on aluminum alloys thus making it suitable
for all oven cleaning applications.
Technical Data Sheet

Stage Cleaner 247

A buff colored alkaline material having excellent sequestering
properties and will dissolve many types of soil and rust. It is
designed for removing scales resulting from insoluble soaps,
calcium hardness from rises, heat coils, and nozzles of the
spray washer. It will also remove built up grease and oil from
washer walls, tanks, and risers.
Technical Data Sheet