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SPECTRACRON® 100 Series Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel

Delivering strong performance from a single-component acrylic modified alkyd, this topcoat allows you to add an optional urethane catalyst to enhance depth of image, color and gloss retention and chemical and abrasion resistance.

Spectracron 110 Series: Fast Dry Industrial Enamel

Formulate this fast drying industrial enamel in a wide range of custom colors or utilize one of the nine factory-packed colors of the leading heavy duty, construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Spectracron 150 Series: High Solids Alkyd Enamel

This high solids, low VOC industrial enamel can be formulated in a wide range of colors and gloss levels that provide quick-dry times for your operation.


Spectracron 300 Series: Two-Component Urethane Enamel

This two component, exterior grade urethane creates strong color and gloss retention that delivers increased exterior durability over standard alkyd systems.

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Spectracron 310 Series: Two-Component Interior Urethane Enamel

An ideal solution for highly handled parts, this interior urethane topcoat can be sprayed smooth or in a textured finish as it produces excellent chemical resistance while creating outstanding mar and abrasion resistance.

Spectracron 360 Series: High Solids Exterior Grade Urethane Enamel

A two-component, high solids urethane designed to provide brilliant exterior durability while offering excellent hardness, abrasion and impact resistance.

Spectracron 370 Series: Direct-to-Metal Urethane Enamel

This direct-to-metal acrylic urethane creates robust UV stability and dynamic surface protection without the need of a primer--increasing manufacturing efficiencies over two-coat systems.

Spectracron 380 Series: POLY-IOTHANE HS Exterior Polyurethane

Our advanced Poly-Iothane coatings technology combines exterior urethane protection with thin film flexibility and strong adhesion resistance--creating lasting durability in the harshest environments.

Spectracron 390-UV Series: Exterior Acrylic Polyurethane

Utilizing innovative acrylic resin technology designed to enhance color and gloss retention, this powerful performing urethane topcoat delivers extended UV protection for equipment that lives outdoors.

Spectracron 3999 Exterior Polyurethane Clear Coat

Engineered to provide increased exterior durability, Spectracron 3999 combines enhanced depth of image with added color and gloss retention that makes your equipment stand out over time.

Non-Isocyanate Enamel

Spectracron ACRYCOTE® Non-Isocyanate Enamel

Spectracron Acrycote Non-isocyanate Acrylic Enamel (NISO) is a two-component, cross-linked acrylic coating that is designed for applications that demand the characteristics of polyurethane technology without the hazards of isocyantes. 
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Spectracron 550 Series: Direct-to-Metal Epoxy Enamel

Topcoat over a primer or go direct-to-metal with this epoxy enamel that gives you powerful chemical and corrosion protection from a hard and mar resistance finish.

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