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Traditional Iron Phosphates

These iron phosphate coatings are designed for five and six stage pretreatment systems and provide maximum protection for your substrates.


Chemfos 158 is a high-temperature iron phosphate
designed  for steel substrates to provide maximum
corrosion protection performance. Produces a blue
to gold coating that can get dusty with higher temperatures.
This product is a Bonderite 1000 offset.
Technical Data Sheet


Ultraguard ATP50M is low temperature iron phosphate
for steel substrates that can be used as both the starter
and replenisher package.

Technical Data Sheet

Ultraguard ATP50F/FR

Ultraguard ATP50F/FR is a low temperature iron
phosphate that contains fluoride for use on steel,
galvanize steel and aluminum  substrates. "F" is the
starter chemical and "FR" is the replenisher chemical.

Technical Data Sheet