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Descale and Derust

These pretreatment chemicals can remove carbon depsosits, metal oxides and heat scaling from your metal parts.


Corrosol 52921 is a liquid blend of caustic and chelating agents.
It is used for the removal of carbon deposits and complex metallic
oxides. It is also excellent for the removal of rust, heat treat stains,
and for paint stripping of many types of paints.
Technical Data Sheet

Corrosol 888

Corrosol 888 is used to remove metal oxides from ferrous
substrates. Corrosol 888 is ideally suited for processes
that utilize regeneration equipment to purify the pickle (remove
iron from the acid) and extend pickle bath life.

Technical Data Sheet

Corrosol 52962

Corrosol 52962 effective soil and laser scale remover at low
use levels. Spray or immersion applications. Contains
an organic inhibitor to reduce flash rusting.

Technical Data Sheet