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The ultimate quality of a finish depends on how well the substrate is prepared. Our pretreatment product line is designed with maximum flexibility to clean and coat your parts under a wide variety of temperatures, metal substrates, and metal qualities.

The PPG Benefit

  • All products are biodegradable
  • All products are in liquid form (no slurry tanks needed)
  • All products are easily dispersed in water
  • Cleaner/coater concentration can be controlled easily through the metering system
  • All products are free of chrome and heavy metals

Pretreatment Products

PPG TrueFinish pretreatment products range from simple one stage pressure wash cleaner/coaters up to three and five stage spray or dip systems.



Designed for various temperatures and metal substrates, these cleaners begin the first stage in the pretreatment process.

Traditional Iron Phosphates

These iron phosphate coatings are designed for five and six stage pretreatment systems and provide maximum protection for your substrates.

Iron Phosphate Cleaner / Coaters

Our iron phosphate cleaner/coaters provide a quick and easy pretreatment that can provide the strong foundation for your surface protection.

Final Rinse and Sealers

When used with iron phosphate cleaners, these final rinse and sealers improve adhesion and corrosion protection for metal substrates.

Descale and Derust

These pretreatment chemicals can remove carbon depsosits, metal oxides and heat scaling from your metal parts.

Maintenance Products

Our pretreatment offering also includes these chemicals designed to battle soil, rust and carbon residue found on your line.