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Liquid Products

Our complete liquid coatings portfolio creates versatile protection for your operation--whether you need the extreme durability of solvent-borne coatings or the low VOC impact of waterborne solutions--PPG TrueFinish Industrial Coatings can help you determine the right product and the right performance to meet your quality goals.  Whether you need help writing product specifications, application training or inventory management programs, we'll combine our broad liquid coatings portfolio with expert levels of technical and service support.

AQUACRON™ Water-Borne Liquid Coatings

Aquacron waterborne liquid primers and topcoats deliver breakthrough technology and environmentally responsible alternatives to solvent-based liquid coatings while presenting strong protection where flammability and solvent exposure issues are critical.
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SPECTRACRON® Solvent-Based Liquid Coatings

Formulated with advanced resin technologies, these solvent-based primers and topcoats range from quick-dry enamels to innovative two-component epoxies and urethanes. Spectracron solvent-based coatings are the ideal solution for aggressive protection against corrosive and challenging environments.
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TrueFinish Liquid Product Selector

Let PPG help you determine the best coating system to use for your application needs. In just a few clicks, we can help you figure out which Aquacron or Spectracron product will work best for you.
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