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Transportation equipment and machinery can live in some of the most hazardous environments, yet still has to retain an automotive quality finish capable of withstanding corrosion and UV degradation. Whether you're coating trailers, underbody parts, brake shoes or utility vehicles, trust in PPG to get you the protection you need that shows off your brand, name and equipment with high quality, long lasting protection.

Market Tested

  • Trailers
  • Dump Bodies
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Wheels
  • Underbody Parts
  • Brake Shoes
  • RV Components

Personalized Solutions

With our vast portfolio of liquid, powder and pretreatment technologies, your local PPG TrueFinish Specialist will work closely with your operation to deliver solutions that meet your performance specifications. Based on your unique requirements, we can provide solutions that deliver:

  • Aggressive protection from high impacts and abrasions
  • Excellent exterior performance to battle weather-related exposure
  • Anti-corrosive products that defend against rust
  • Strong adhesion across a wide variety of substrates
  • Powerful resistance against oils, grease and harsh chemicals
  • Quick color and gloss customization based on your required standards

Featured Products

As the world's preeminent supplier of coatings solutions, PPG has been creating cutting edge technologies that continually lead and innovate the marketplace. We've formulated a series of products to offer you operational flexibility while delivering the quality your customers have come to expect.

Featured Topcoats

SPECTRACRON® 100 Series: Acrylic Modified Alkyd

Delivering strong performance from a single-component acrylic modified alkyd, this topcoat allows you to add an optional urethane catalyst to enhance depth of image, color and gloss retention and chemical and abrasion resistance.

Spectracron 360 Series: High Solids Exterior Grade Urethane

A two-component, high-solids urethane designed to provide brilliant exterior durability while offering excellent hardness, abrasion and impact resistance.

Spectracron 370 Series: Direct-to-Metal Polyurethane

This direct-to-metal acrylic urethane creates robust UV stability and dynamic surface protection without the need of a primer--increasing manufacturing efficiencies over two-coat systems.

Featured Primers

Spectracron 135 Series: 3.5 VOC Non-Lift Primer

Available in custom colors and compatible with a wide range of topcoats, this high solids primer delivers excellent corrosion resistance and strong adhesion while still delivering a quick dry time.

Spectracron 510 Series: Multi-Purpose Epoxy Primer

Engineered to provide latitude for your operation, this two-component epoxy creates an extended pot-life while giving you the tough and durable protection you need from an epoxy primer.

Spectracron 573 Series: Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer

Combining the chemical and corrosion resistant properties of epoxy technology with unique sag resistance, this two-component epoxy is ideal for filling properties and creating a high film build.



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