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Sheds and Barns

Sheds and barns are no longer just for tool storage.  Now they can create extra space for a home office, studio, guest room, carport and other backyard structures.  This change in scope of both utility and function means customer expectations have evolved as well.  Coating longevity, surface protection and color choice are now driving factors in purchase decisions in ways they may not have been in years past.  PPG TrueFinish Industrial Coatings can provide unique solutions that were designed exclusively to meet the unique challenges facing shed and barn manufacturers.

Market Tested

  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Cabins
  • Portable Buildings
  • Pavilions

Personalized Solutions

With our vast portfolio of liquid, powder and pretreatment technologies, your local PPG TrueFinish Specialist will work closely with your operation to deliver solutions that meet your performance specifications.  Based on your unique requirements, we can provide solutions that deliver:

  • Excellent exterior performance to battle weather-related exposure
  • Excellent color and gloss retention
  • High-solids formulation that allows for increased millage
  • High-build formulation allows for excellent coverage on dark colors
  • Applied cost efficiencies through production speed performance and application training
  • Quick color and gloss customization based on your required standards

Featured Products

Our relationship with leaders in the shed and barn market have led to world class technologies that represent a variety of different performance levels and color choices.  The following market-proven solutions provide excellent versatility while delivering the quality your customers have come to expect.

Featured Topcoats

Aquacron® 200 Series: Waterborne Acrylic Polyurethane Enamel

Delivering a high-end, rustic aesthetic and excellent substrate protection, this waterborne acrylic urethane is available in semi-transparent colors and allow applicators to create stain-like finishes over a variety of primed substrates.

Aquacron 100 Series: Acrylic Enamel

This acrylic enamel provides ease of application with excellent sag resistance and are available in a palette of solid colors, as well as custom colors.

Olympic Maximum: Toner

Providing a hint of color and allowing the wood’s natural grain and texture to show through, this toner is a stain and sealant in one with advanced UV protection.


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