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PPG is one of the leading suppliers of liquid coatings to large equipment manufacturers in the plastics segment--from large appliances to small handheld electronics--PPG TrueFinish Industrial Coatings utilizes color specialists and a library of over 50,000 colors to ensure the right shade and performance for your operation.

Market Tested

  • Cell Phones
  • Computer Equipment
  • Handheld Appliances
  • Large Appliances
  • Household Items


  • Polystyrene
  • ABS
  • Fiber Glass
  • Polyester
  • Epoxy
  • Nylon

Personalized Solutions

With our vast portfolio of liquid, powder and pretreatment technologies, your local PPG TrueFinish Specialist will work with your operation to deliver solutions that meet your performance specifications. Based on your unique requirements, we can provide solutions that deliver:
  • Thin film flexibility
  • Excellent color consistency
  • Protection from abrasions and scratches
  • Smooth and textured finishes that prevent parts from slipping
  • Compliance with global OEM specifications
  • Quick color and gloss customization

Featured Products

Our relationships with leaders in the electronics, appliances and plastics markets have led to world class technologies engineered to protect against the threats your equipment will encounter. The following market-proven solutions provide excellent versatility while delivering the quality your customers have come to expect.


SPECTRACRON® 310 Series: Two-Component Interior Urethane Enamel

An ideal solution for highly handled parts, this interior urethane topcoat can be sprayed smooth or in a texture finish as it produces excellent chemical resistance while creating outstanding mar and abrasion resistance.

Spectracron 380 Series: POLY-IOTHANE HS Polyurethane

Our advanced Poly-Iothane coatings technology combines exterior urethane protection with thin film flexibility and strong corrosion resistance--creating lasting durability in the harshest environments.


This state of the art polyurethane topcoat has a velvety, soft-touch feel that prevents parts from slipping out of your hands.


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