Creating the standard

"PPG worked closely with
myself and our paint
department to dial in the
ideal coating system."

Chris Adams, Product Line Manager
Door Engineering and Manufacturing

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Premier substrate protection
with solvent-borne technology. 

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The power of PPG  

We leverage the power of
PPG Industries to provide
cutting edge coatings 
solutions to manufacturers
and custom coaters.

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Climbing Above

Leading the business
of color.

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Market Tested

Our relationships with leading global
manufacturers have led to world class
technologies and innovative solutions
for every application.

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Connecting world class technology 
with local resources

PPG TrueFinish Industrial Coatings is a division of PPG Industries--the world's preeminent supplier of coatings solutions. Founded in 2002, PPG TrueFinish was created to strategically deliver innovative PPG technologies to manufacturers and custom coaters who need quick, reliable and effective service to accelerate their business.

With professional service centers located all across North America, you can count on PPG TrueFinish to get you the products you need--when you need them.

Partner with our team today: 
call 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783)
or send us an email



Powder Coatings Product Selector

With a library of over 500 color formulations, PPG’s vast powder coating portfolio is at your fingertips.

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Hear what our customers have to say about the value in working with PPG TrueFinish—your trusted partner in industrial coatings solutions.

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- NEW - Aquacron 200 Topcoats

Delivering robust protection over wood, fiberglass, plastics, vinyl, and composites, Aquacron 200 enamels create long-lasting substrate protection over difficult-to-adhere-to substrates.

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We’re deeply committed to working with our customers to engage our communities and move towards a more sustainable future.

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