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Master Manufacturing, Inc.

Consistent color and supply with improved fit and finish

Master Manufacturing, Inc. designs, engineers, and fabricates racks, vinyl pouches, and steel carts and bins which are used in the automotive market. In this market, Master Manufacturing, Inc. needed a paint that could air-dry quickly without compromising finish and integrity. Preadeep Saxena, President and CEO of Master Manufacturing, states switching to PPG SPECTRACRON® 100 Series topcoats has exceeded his expectations in both quality of product and service.

Saxena stated, “My previous paint left a thick, rough-looking finish. With Spectracron 100, I noticed a cleaner, glass-looking finish.”  Spectracron 100 topcoats provide excellent flow and leveling, allowing the topcoat to provide a smooth, even finish. Engineered to provide outstanding film hardness and exterior durability, Spectracron 100 topcoats provide quick production without compromising quality.

Working with companies in the automotive industry, Master Manufacturing, Inc. relies on consistent color and gloss finish to meet their customers’ demands on products. Spectracron 100 topcoats come in a wide range of custom colors, allowing Master Manufacturing, Inc. to meet the needs of their customers every time.

“Color consistency is important to me,” stated Saxena stated, “and that is one thing I haven’t had to worry about since switching to PPG.” Run by leaders in the industrial coating industry, the PPG TRUEFINISH® research and development teams provide custom color matching with short turn-around times. Saxena said, “I have never had an issue with getting what I need when I need it. I have also found the ability to provide quick color matches to my customers to be very helpful.”

Saxena commented not only on the reliability of the PPG Spectracron product, but also the reliability of the service provided by his local TrueFinish representative. “My reps were very thorough during the testing phase. This showed me that I was working with people who cared about my business and wanted to make sure I was well looked after,” remarked Saxena. He concluded, “Customer service and 30% reduction of paint usage while improving the look of my products are the reason I now use PPG as my paint supplier.”

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email.  We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.