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Kice Industries, Inc.


Increasing Productivity and Reducing Cost to Improve Your Profitability

Kice Industries, Inc. manufactures industrial air, material handling, and automation systems, along with custom fabrication and manufacturing for a vast number of companies across several different trades. Kice uses primarily carbon steel and produces equipment that must hold up some of the harshest environments.

“We work in lots of different industries, so we needed a paint that would perform well outside, but still provides strong protection in wash-down and chemical environments,” Explains Tim Kice, Vice President of Production. “We wanted a paint that would hold up and keep our equipment looking good.”

Under their previous supplier, Kice’s equipment experienced significant color loss and chalking on units that sat exposed to nature’s elements for extended periods of time. Recognizing their need to provide UV-resistance, the PPG representative recommended The
SPECTRACRON® 380 Series Poly-Iothane Polyurethane enamel. This two-component urethane utilizes innovative PPG technology to create long-lasting color and gloss protection to keep Kice’s equipment looking new.

Because the Spectracron 380 Series utilizes polyester polyurethane technology, Kice is able to create
surface protection that is more resistant to cracking and chipping than traditional acrylic urethanes. This thin film flexibility adds further protection in rough exterior environments.
To add to the durability benefits of the system, Spectracron 380 is formulated for easy application. It can be applied directly to a variety of substrates and has a quick dry time, improving turnaround time, increasing throughput, and reducing energy and labor costs.

Applying Spectracron 380 directly to product helps to get more equipment to customers faster, all the while still maintaining an automotive-quality finish.
“We have a variety of shapes sizes that we’re painting, but we don’t see any runs or orange-peel. It’s a very forgiving coating.”
Tim Kice finished, “We’ve stuck with PPG for a long time because of the service. Other companies are successful at making paint, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the people you’re dealing with. Our sales guy is here at the drop of the hat and is very helpful if we ever have problems.”

Local Service is Standing By
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