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Production Paint Finishers, Inc.

Protecting Your Products from Impact and the Environment

Production Paint Finishers, Inc. in Bradford, Ohio is a job shop powder coater and liquid spray-painter specializing in large and small volume production runs.  From coating parts the size of truck bodies down to small garden tools, Production Paint Finishers, Inc. has years of experience painting in lawn and garden, OEM truck, wood-working, architectural iron and railings markets, as well as large volumes of military CARC coatings.  

SPECTRACRON® 380 Poly-Iothane polyester urethane is designed to work in harsh environments. Its excellent hardness and exceptional flexibility allow it to shrug off impacts and abrasions helping keep equipment resilient in any setting.
Allen Francis, Vice President of Ohio-based Production Paint Finishers, Inc. said “It helped us get into the highly competitive equipment industry with a product that looked great but also will work in any type of production setting we could throw at it.”
Francis added, “We show our customers sample parts with the 380 applied and they love it. They get a nicer-looking, more durable product.”
Spectracron 380 can be applied directly to substrates and has quick dry and cure times, allowing shops to paint more products in less time, helping them get more products out the door to customers faster.
“We are high production, so we need coatings that not only perform, but also apply and cure quickly to meet our production needs and still remain competitive.”

Through advanced, two-component polyester polyurethane technology, Spectracron 380 delivers brilliant color and gloss retention for an automotive-level finish.
Coupled with fast-dry characteristics, using Spectracron 380 means shops, manufacturers, and material coaters no longer need to sacrifice quality for shorter production times and higher volume.
Adding to the ease and quickness of the product, local PPG resources do their best to get coatings to customers as quickly as possible to keep shops’ production as high as projected.

“You know when you place an order with the local PPG store that they will meet the turnaround requirements or deliver the product sooner than expected,” added Francis.
Francis concluded, “The local PPG store is the by far the best paint supplier we have. They go over and above to meet our needs so we can do the same for our customers.”

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email.