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Door Engineering and Manufacturing

Partnering with your business throughout the entire coatings process

For over 40 years, Door Engineering and Manufacturing has been providing customized industrial, commercial, fire-rated, and specialty door systems to designers, architects and engineers who demand long-lasting, pre-engineered door systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and require little maintenance.  Door Engineering has dedicated their reputation to quality and innovation since 1966, with thousands of door systems in operation around the world today.

Before their partnership with PPG began in 2013, Door Engineering sent their systems out to a local powder coater who finished their parts.  After several field failures, Door Engineering began to revisit their coatings system and decided to bring in PPG to look for alternative solutions.
Door Engineering wasn’t looking to just change from their current suppliers.  They were looking for a company like PPG that would partner with them in creating an in-house liquid-coatings finishing operation, while providing the right coatings systems for their products.
Recognizing an opportunity to increase the quality of their products, Chris Adams, Product Line Manager for Door Engineering asked for a system that would improve corrosion resistance, as well as increase the color and gloss retention over their current powder coating system.  Because they would now be doing this process in-house, they also needed something that wouldn’t slow production and could be accelerated if their schedule ramped up.
According to Chris, the local team “worked closely with myself and our paint department to dial in the ideal coating system to suit our product needs and manufacturing process.  They were very involved from the beginning on getting us set up and helped us with testing the performance on our doors.”
After a thorough review, the local PPG sales team recommended the SPECTRACRON® 360 Ext. Grade Urethane to deliver the high quality Door Engineering needs to protect against weather-related and corrosion challenges.  With a quick dry time and force cure capabilities, Spectracron 360 also creates manufacturing flexibility by increasing production throughput when demand increases.
For more challenging environments, Door Engineering upgrades their customers to Spectracron 390-UV Series. Delivering all the added benefits of Spectracron 360, Spectracron 390 is formulated with a unique UV additive that increases exterior durability through prolonged color and gloss retention. 
Since partnering with PPG, the newly coated door systems have held up very well in the field with “superior performance across the board.”
Chris continued, “We now promote Spectracron 360 and Spectracron 390 heavily to our customers and actually have added it to our standard product specs.”  Door Engineering’s customers have taken notice as they’ve been getting compliments from their customers since switching to PPG in 2013. 
PPG, like Door Engineering, has built a reputation of high quality and innovative products.  Yet, working alongside customers is what adds the greatest value.  “Our rep is very responsive and takes excellent care of us.  We request a lot of custom color samples on short notice and we’re always happy with the turnaround time.”
“Overall, PPG provides excellent service combined with a high quality product tailored perfectly to our needs.”

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email.  We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.