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Compass Systems

Increasing throughput to keep your business moving forward

Located in Barberton, Ohio, Compass Systems engineers, manufactures and installs pneumatic material handling systems for hundreds of different customers across a wide variety of industries from pulp and paper manufacturers to global leaders in the automotive industry. For the past 16 years, Compass Systems has helped its customers reduce bottlenecks and increase production efficiency at all levels of the manufacturing process.

“Our partnership with PPG began several years ago when we were looking for a paint that would allow us to pack and ship parts quicker than what we were using,” explained Ed Stevenson, purchasing manager for Compass Systems. “We decided to give PPG a try on a small job to see how the paint would perform and we’ve been using them ever since.”

Recognizing their need to increase shop throughput, the local PPG TRUEFINISH® Specialist recommended SPECTRACRON® 111 Series Non-Lift Alkyd Primer, finished with Spectracron 100 Series Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel. This system allows Compass to prime, paint, pack and ship in the same day without compromising the quality of their finish.
The Spectracron 111 Series builds a foundation for corrosion and chemical resistance from fast drying alkyd technology. Then by finishing their equipment with the Spectracron 100 Series, Compass creates strong inter-coat adhesion with excellent exterior durability.
“We set our expectations high. PPG carries a strong brand with them, our customers know this—so we expect the finish to be automotive quality.”
Formulated for easy application, Spectracron 100 Series has excellent flow and leveling properties that helps painters deliver a smooth finish and reduce orange peel.
 To further increase the performance and beauty of the their equipment, Compass uses PPG’s advanced urethane hardener in the Spectracron 100 Series to increase the coatings depth of image, color and gloss retention, and chemical and abrasion resistance. The urethane catalyst crosslinks with the acrylic topcoat to deliver increased performance properties that lengthen the life of their equipment.
“We’ve set a standard of expectations on the performance of our coatings, but we have higher expectations on the service provided by our vendors,” Stevenson explained. “Our local store does a fantastic job servicing our business. When we have new color standards, they can quickly get the matches done. When we order material, its here right when we need it. We don’t only expect our paint to look and perform great, but we expect PPG to get it here when we need it and the local team does an excellent job for us.” 

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email.