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B & B Painting and Powder Coating

Corrosion protection to increase the life of your equipment

B & B Painting and Powder Coating has been providing equipment and vehicle restoration in the state of Michigan for over 25 years. Specializing in large construction vehicles and industrial machinery, B & B utilizes the latest technologies to deliver high quality protection and automotive finishes for their customers.

“We began switching to PPG about seven years ago,” explained Glen Barnes, Owner of B & B. “We had customers who would return salt trucks after a year of service because the liquid chloride would eat away at the coating.”
 Seeing an opportunity to improve his customer’s performance, Barnes began working with the local PPG TRUEFINISH® Specialist to determine the optimal solution for their operation. They needed something that would lengthen the life of their customers’ vehicles by providing a more durable coatings system. 
B & B found a solution using the SPECTRACRON® 501 Single Component Epoxy Primer with the Spectracron 360 Exterior Grade Polyurethane Enamel.
The Spectracron 501 allows B & B to provide the epoxy protection they need, while acting as a strong foundation for their urethane topcoat. Further, it helped B & B increase production speeds and reduce operating costs. “We’re able to topcoat the vehicles in an hour with the 501.” Barnes continued, “Because it’s a single component, we can mix what we need, and not worry about a pot-life. So we have very little waste.” 

With the Spectracron 360 Exterior Grade Urethane, B & B is able to deliver excellent color and gloss retention from a two-component urethane—but they’re also able to create strong corrosion resistance that withstands the hazards from the road. “With all the liquid chloride and salt these vehicles face, the 360 lasts five or six times longer than the competitive product we were using.”
As Barnes began improving his liquid painting operation with PPG seven years ago, he saw an opportunity to become a full service coatings company and made an investment into powder coating. “PPG helped us get started. They came in, provided technical service and showed us how to spray.” Today, powder coating has become an integral part of B & B’s business as they utilize the RAL Program, quick-turn custom color match program and local stocking provided by the team in Michigan.
Like B & B, the PPG TrueFinish team prides itself on being a single source supplier and working with customers to maximize their coatings protection for their operation. Committing to quality, innovation and local service has allowed PPG to grow relationships with individuals like Glen Barnes and partnerships with companies like B & B Painting and Powder Coating.