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All-Cote Coatings Company

Helping customers create more effecient operations through reduced lead times

Completing projects ranging from ornamental railings to electrical enclosures, All-Cote Coatings Company specializes in powder coating solutions for both small and large production runs on a wide variety of products and substrates. Combining fast and efficient service with a high quality finish, All-Cote utilizes one of the largest batch ovens in the state of Michigan—allowing them to handle parts up to 10,000 pounds in weight and 59 feet in length.

This large batch oven isn’t the only way All-Cote distinguishes itself from other powder coaters. “PPG has helped us create a more efficient operation,” says George Shrock, owner of All-Cote. “We know that the paint is often the last part of the process for our customers. So, turnaround time is critical. It makes a world of a difference when I say to my customers we’ll have powder in three days—and it actually arrives in three days. PPG has helped us, help our customers become more efficient.”
PPG has been able to build a strong partnership with All-Cote by combining reliable and effective service with the right powder coatings for their operation. With hundreds of powder formulations available, PPG personalizes each program to fit the customers’ requirements.
Since 2009, All-Cote has been capitalizing on the RAL program offered by PPG. With over 250 in-stock RAL colors available in both ultra-durable and durable technologies, powder coaters can offer a wide range of color variations without delaying production schedules. “PPG’s RAL powders seem to have better transfer efficiency, hiding and flow compared to others we’ve sprayed.”
Shrock continued, “We’ve used other supplier’s RAL powders in the past, but since we moved to the stocked RAL program with PPG, we’ve been getting compliments from our customers on the quality of the finish.”
Because the program offers in-stock RAL colors, All-Cote is able to ensure availability and quick turnaround to their customers. “The stocking program is fantastic. If we run out of powder, I know the local team will help me get it.”
Helping customers run successful operations is what allows PPG to create long term partnerships—whether it’s through the RAL program or through custom formulations—PPG couples the technology with reliable service to ensure customers get the materials they need to move their business forward.
All-Cote was one of the first companies to sign on to the RAL program offered by PPG, and it’s not just because of the powder performance. Shrock finished by saying, “They jump through hoops for us and it’s the reason we’ve grown our business with PPG.”