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Accutrex Products


Quality and Consistency make PPG TRUEFINISH® Industrial Coatings a tried and true partner

As a custom sheet metal fabricator, AccuTrex demands consistent quality and attention to detail – and so do its customers.  The company fabricates pieces for a broad range of industries, from aerospace to coal mining.  With approximately 225 employees in four locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, the Canonsburg, Pennsylvania-based company is recognized as a leader in technology and automation.

The pieces it paints vary widely in shape and size, so AccuTrex has an automated powder coating system to ensure fast, accurate, uniform coating.  For customers who prefer a wet spray, there is a conveyor-driven wet spray paint booth and infrared curing system.

“Coating is the last step in the fabrication process,” explains Ron Davis, a senior account executive at AccuTrex.  “The finished look is very important to our customers, and we need to deliver a consistent color and finish, run after run.”

The pursuit of improved product consistency and better technical support led AccuTrex to PPG TrueFinish in 2003.

“We challenged PPG to resolve a finish quality problem that was left over from a previous supplier.  We had been told there was nothing that could be done about a finish that bubbled off some cabinets when they sat in a warehouse,” Davis recalls.

After conducting an exhaustive battery of tests, the PPG TrueFinish team pinpointed the cause of the problem.  Then they worked closely with contacts at AccuTrex to ensure that effective measures were taken to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

“That really impressed us,” Davis says.  “Because everyone on the TrueFinish team knows the product so well, and they are so service- driven, we can trust them to get it right, every time.”

Tony Coffield, chief painter at AccuTrex, appreciates the PPG TrueFinish team’s responsiveness.

“Their service is incredible. When I call with a rush order, they jump,” he says.  “And my local distributor stocks the products I use most, so I always get same- or next-day delivery.  It’s made my forecasting job a lot easier.”

Because the PPG TrueFinish team has played a role in so many successful projects, AccuTrex sees them as a true partner – not just a vendor.

“We really can’t say enough about how the partnership has grown over the past few years,” Coffield says. 

Local Service is Standing By
Call us whenever you need us at 1-866-PPG-TRUE (774-8783) or contact us by email.  We will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.